Composite Pictures

This was one of my favorite parts of my job while I was employed by the College Station High School Band & Guard. When College Station High School opened in 2012, there were only sophomores and freshmen. The first senior class came in 2014. Now that the band and guard program had all four class years, and the very first senior class would be graduating in May 2015, it was time to recognize a milestone in the school’s history.

As the Media Specialist, I was in charge of taking individual pictures of students in their band uniforms, upload and edit them on the computer, and create a composite picture featuring all the band and guard students for that school year. With my knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, I created a 3 ft. X 4 ft. composite picture. After the composite was created, I was responsible for having it framed by taking it to Hobby Lobby. Each composite was displayed in the band hall for viewing.

Today, the composite pictures I created are on display outside of the band hall at College Station High School. I took pride in my creations and really enjoyed this project. Being apart of the school’s beginning history and creating something that will be of historical significance for their program is something I still cherish to this day.

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